Are you tired of trying to do it all yourself
and getting nowhere?


You’re searching for more in your biz. A way to align your brand with your life purpose. A way to be unapologetically you and still make bank.

Colorful. Glorious. Motivated.

That’s you. So does your brand say that? Does your brand truly represent YOU?



I'm Shaunda, and I help visionary women of color hone their vision and wrap their biz model around it.

Together, we create the strategy, branding and marketing that sets you apart in the marketplace, and speaks directly to the people who are assigned to you.

It’s big work. And you have to be ready. But the transformation is powerful.


If you know you have not invested in your biz the way that you should have…now is the time.

So, are you ready to leave the doubt behind?...To stop thinking small?...To stop taking your strengths for granted?...To stop obsessing over what everyone else is doing?

Decide. Commit. Stop the guesswork.

If you’re tired of doing the same old thing in your biz, doing everything solo-dolo, collaborate with me and get it done the right way!

If you’re ready to build a strategy around you being you, I’m ya girl!


Working with SHH Creative and Shaunda is a pleasure. We look for our branding to keep up with our growth and as our Creative Director, she has been key. Her methods are very effective and they continue to increase our brand and keep the message cohesive. She stays up to date on everything so our studio stays trending. During our most website re-design project, her strategy and designs drove our traffic to nearly 5x what it was previously! She really is a visionary.

Tamara Whitehead,

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